David Asper On The Unger Case

The latter part of 1991 was an amazing time in the life of Wolch Pinx Tapper Scurfield, a law firm since disbanded but one which has an impressive alumni roster, of which I am lucky enough to be a proud member.

In that period we had successfully persuaded the federal Department of Justice to reopen the Milgaard case and were frantically preparing for several weeks of unprecedented hearings before the Supreme Court of Canada. The Milgaard case began in mid-January 1992 in Ottawa.

At the same time, Sheldon Pinx, QC, and a team of lawyers from the firm, including Jill Duncan, Evan Roitenberg and a lawyer from another firm, Ellen Gordon, were busily preparing for the trial of Kyle Unger that was set to begin on Jan. 20, 1992…

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